International Womens Day

First I would like to say that I have always been, and will continue to be a feminist. I also consider myself a humanitarian. I stand for equal rights regardless of gender, sexuality, origin of birth or religion. No matter who you are, you are a person and sometimes people find that hard to see.

Now to the topic that has bugged me today. International Women’s day was last week and that, that is fantastic. I am so glad that we, as a gender and population are able to speak out about the inequities that we face. The pay gap, discrimination, sexism! This is all so beyond important! But sometimes we forget something. Women aren’t the only gender being discriminated against. Men have prejudice as well, but we constantly seem to overlook that idea because of our pasts. 100 years ago women in Australia were oppressed, down trodden and mocked. But no we are a nation that boasts on our equal opportunities but is it really equal?

In Australia 1/3 of domestic violence cases are against men. But they seem to be overlooked because our minds are set in the past. Males must be strong, they are always the attacker! That isn’t true! Yes in the majority they are the predator but sometimes they are the victims. Some of the things that you here woman do to their partners a are horrific. If it were the other way around however, a man would be lynch mobbed! How can we be so compassionate to one gender and then forget about the other?

What about equal opportunities? Yes women are able to join a male dominated work force and that is fantastic. Plenty of girls I know are now becoming tradies! But what about the men who attempt to be nurses but are riddled, failed in their universities and mocked on the job? Why do we condemn misbehaviour towards one gender but not another? Because men are supposed to do physical work? Because they should be strong enough to take it?

Finally, what about mental health. I can list 4 agencies that are willing to work on suicidal females but none that are exclusively for males even thought the suicide rate for males is higher than females. But of course, they aren’t supposed to be weak in any way, mentally or physically.

Now none of this is to say that women don’t experience difficulties, i know trust me! I am 16 and have already had people think that because i am in a dress, my boobs are free game or that because I am female they can push me around. Not happening buddy! But unlike a lot of other “feminists” I don’t condemn the entire male race to hell for the actions of so few. We women face great deals of horror, but so do males. They can get abused and discriminated against. Bullied and beaten, but they have such little support compared to all the female oriented support groups.

So please, if you take anything from this, remember that every group faces hardships, but only some are recognised and acknowledged.


Lots of love,

Ally! xoxox